Sunday, June 8, 2008

Napoleon - Utah State Fair

A Day That Will Live In Basketball Infamy

We are fortunate to bring you this rare albeit brief video clip of an infamous Higley Stake Church Basketball game. A innovative fella on our church team had some old retro jerseys in the classic style of the John Stockton short-shorts, broad elastic waistbands, and sweet polyester fit. This generous team-mate and myself (team coach) persuaded the entire team to wear these spiffy athletic threads at our final regular season game.

Now, how do we unveil our "new (slash old) look"? We agreed to meet in an empty church room prior to the game. At which time, we suited up and developed our blockbuster pre-game intro.. We entered the gym single file (while chanting "go Higley" and clapping our hands). We proceeded to make a full lap around the gym, displaying our fancy-pants look to the entire gym audience (approx. 40 people). Our opposing team was in a state of shock; no doubt as a result of our intimidating appearance. Then we proceeded to conduct our calisthenics drill - complete with jumping jacks, squat-thrusts, and running in place (as caught in this rare video footage). Then onto the standard "lay-up drill". The wives that came to witness the event were not disappointed. I mean seriously, look at our muscular legs in those fine "Richard Simmons" shorts!

To add injury to insult, we were victorious over our opponent. Or maybe the other team was just to freaked out to play any real defense; we'll never know for sure.

Ever seen "Hoosiers"? Below; an equally inspirational moment.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Abigail & Sidney get all hip-hoppy

A few evenings ago, Abigail came out of her room dressed to the 9's hip-hop style. Adding tin foil for "bling teeth" was a nice touch. Sidney shortly joined suit with her almost hip-hop look (looked more like a Harley Davidson / Biker girl?). Watch some of Abigail's tight hip-hop hand work (wink)!

More tight moves.

A few pics. of the duo. (if you click on the pictures, you can make them hhhuuuuge!)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Dean's Playlists

OListen to my personal playlist(s). Just scroll to the bottom of the blog, press play, and enjoy!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

An Unexpected House Guest

A few weeks ago, we had an unexpected guest show up in our backyard. It turns out it was an abandoned pet. It was a very docile 18" Bearded Dragon. The kids took a quick liking to the fella (it was a male - I checked it out on-line); especially Sidney, as you can see.

We ended up adopting him out to a family that had all the correct equipment to maintain an 18" Bearded Dragon.

A little something extra special for Alan (on his birthday)

For Alan's birthday - a "classy" presentation of six cold ones (Ginger Ale - Jamaican Style) and a basketball (hence the 70's retro basketball uni).

[Smiley Mindy - in the background]

Here's a little clip for you viewing pleasure of some tasteful retro-basketball hijinx, while presenting Alan's birthday goodies (basketball).

[and yes, it's sideways]

Sidney, Amelia, Cade, Abigail - Gett'n "jiggy with it" at (Uncle) Alan, Amelia, and Abigail's Birthday Party - a production piece concocted by Cade (May 11th, 2008).